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Version 1.0
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Conway's life game !!!
The Conway's life game simulates the evolution of, for example, a colony of living organisms and it represents an " inocent looking " example of Cellular Automat Theory:
  • each yellow square represents an alive ( ) cell
  • while a red square is a dead ( ) cell
  • Notice that each cell has eight neighbours
A cell fate is governed by the following rules:
  1. If one cell is dead ( ), it becomes alive ( ) whenever it has three alive ( ) neighbours.
  2. If a cell is alive ( ), it remains in that state whenever it has two or three alive ( ) neighbours; otherwise it becomes dead ( ).
  3. Actualization of the Conway colony is done simultaneously. It means all cells change at the same time.
With these simple microscopic rules, a bunch of complex and fascinating macroscopic patterns simulates the evolution of the Conway colony.

This model was proposed by Dr. John Horton Conway ( University of Cambridge, England ) in the late 1960s. A full history of this model is given by Robert T. Wainwright's at LIFEPAGE. Also, you can read the Cellular Automata FAQ.
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  1. This Applet autostart and you can see the end of its evolution whenever the cell pattern does not change anymore.

  2. At this point, you can restart the Applet by first clicking the Stop button and next the Start one.

  3. At any point of the animation, you can click over the Applet. It stops the animation and you can draw your own pattern by moving the Mouse with the left button pushed down. Then you can restart the Applet by clicking on the Start button.

  4. In order to change Ncells and/or Probability, first use the Stop button. Once you made a change of those values you must press the Return key. The Applet will restart by clicking on the Start button.

  5. Nice values are:
    • Ncells = 2025
    • Probability = 0.25

You should see the Conway Applet !!!

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