The Second Latin American Workshop on Nuclear and Heavy Ion Physics

The workshop will be devoted to review the present knowledge and perspectives in pure and applied nuclear physics. Participants are encouraged to submit contributions, even if they can be seen as preliminary results. The list of suggested topics can be summarized as follows:

  1. Clustering in Nuclei
  2. Nuclear Reactions, Reaction Mechanims and Nuclear Structure Studies
  3. Physics of Electromagnetic and Nuclear Probes
  4. Exotic Nuclei and Exotic Reactions
  5. Nuclear Reactions of Astrophysical Interest
  6. Nuclear Spectroscopy
  7. Collective Motion in Hot/Cold Nuclei
  8. Giant Resonances in Hot Nuclei
  9. The Rotational Continuum, Super/Hyper Deformations
  10. Relativistic Heavy Ion Physics
  11. Instrumentation, New Detector Arrays and Applications
  12. Radioactive Beams/Unstable Nuclei
  13. Nuclear Fragmentation
  14. Cross-Disciplinary Applications of Nuclear Physics:
    • Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
    • Industry
    • Chemistry and Physical Chemistry
    • Agriculture
    • Environmental Studies
    • Geology and Geophysics
  15. Small Accelerator Physics
  16. Nuclear Chaos
  17. CEBAF/TJNAF Physics
  18. Excitation Modes of the Nucleon

Note: Contributions from other areas of nuclear physics (not listed above) are welcome.

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