Digital Image Processing (DIP) with Khoros 2

Version 0.3, August 17th 1995

General Information

0) DIP Khorosware: README
1) Course Objective
2) How to Use DIP Khorosware
3) DIP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
4) Where to Get it and How to Install DIP Khorosware
5) Khoros Bugs and Suggestions
6) Acknowledgements
7) Authors
8) Contributions
9) License

Seagull at Cies Island, Vigo, Spain

DIP Course Materials

1) List of Experiments
2) Course Overview (Quick Tour)
3) List of Images for the Course
4) List of Workspaces for the Course
5) List of Cantata Operators used in the Course
6) DIP Course Directory Structure
7) Bibliography

This course is still under CONSTRUCTION!

DIP Feedback Form

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